350z wide on 305s

5 10 2012



Finally a solid picture of Mike’s 350z with his full wheel set-up. The buzz on the streets is Mike’s going wider on his wheels! Would love for this to happen.


Picture by Noel Barnum of Canibeat

If you’re interested in your own shoot by Noel you may contact him at Noel@canibeat.com




Instant Fame

1 10 2012

One of our previous customers, Mike with the widebody 350z, introduced us to Noel who wanted some help with his brand new FRS. He wanted his 5axis body kit to match his new red paint. We gladly accepted the challenge.


Being a Photographer for Canibeat and killing the game with his previous Corolla, Noels no rookie to the import scene.


So I knew this FRS would be on point.


We got to work right away on the kit.


We couldn’t wait to see how the kit would look once installed.


The paint match was perfect and was ready for installation.


Finally on a warm Friday evening we killed the game.


Within minutes Noels FRS had traveled the world and became the FRS to talk about. This is only.the.beginning.


XB love

10 07 2012

Here’s some quick web shots of the XB we worked on earlier this year. We were able to spray the rear bumper and front lip to help this XB get show ready. Krist has built an all around great looking car, much respect.


Red Dragon…

2 07 2012

After a full paint job, customer Moe A.K.A. “Moe Supra” returned for touch up on his front bumper and color match of his new rear wing. Also, we see the Supra sporting some new shoes with a shiny lip!

Side Profile, you see the new front black lip, rims, and rear red wing.

Closer look at the rear wing…Pinch & Roll.

Here you see the new front lip and front view of his new stance.

Gotta have the night car meet shot!

Looking good Moe!

Pictures provided by Pinch & Roll.


In the Spotlight

28 03 2012

A preview of Mike’s Z and they’re photoshoot with Canibeats own Noel Barnum.



A Bulls Heart

5 12 2011

Painted the Valve Cover for one of our previous customers who was invited to show at Hot Import Nights.

It was super dirty and covered in oil and needed to be prepped for paint.

Washed and Sanded ready for primer.

Primered ready for a quick wet sand before paint.

Lexus Matador Red Paint sprayed on

Clear coat with Rainbow Flake

Delivered and installed.

Looks great!





5 12 2011

Quick shot of this Lexus we painted Matte Grey with a Matte Black roof. 


Quick Face Lift

8 11 2011

Love the colors.



Bojix 2012 Ford Focus at SEMA 2011

3 11 2011

Some quick pictures of the Bojix Design Focus we sprayed.

Here you see it ready to be shown in the FORD SEMA booth and then a quick rear shot.


Ill leave you with a nice front end shot.

Thats it for now.





1 11 2011

Heres a quick picture of Bojix Design’s Ford Focus that we partnered up with to finish their unique paint job. Their Focus is currently sitting pretty under the FORD Motor Booth at the SEMA Trade show. More to come.



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